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Ai Panel ™ Data Sheet 

Ai Panel ™ & variant Ai Panel.Gloss ™ – pre-finished metal sheeting having colour finish not exceeding 1 mm – is 100% fire-compliant to Australian National Construction Code (NCC) 2019 (Amdt.1) Volume 1 C1.1(b), C1.9(a) & (e)(v), C1.10(a)(ii) & (viii), C1.14(a), A5.5(2), Schedules 3 & 6, and Volume 2 at, permitted to use in any Class 1 to 10 buildings of any Type A to C constructions as non-combustible building elements and their components, ancillary elements, internal linings, materials, assemblies and attachments to ceilings, non-loadbearing internal walls, common walls, and external walls.

Delivered as flat sheet with protective laminated films on both sides, approx. 98% of Ai Panel ™ & Ai Panel.Gloss ™ consists of 5052-marine grade solid aluminium alloy dosed with apprx. 2.5% magnesium and 0.25% chromium.

Coated with SAS colours and finishes and H32 tempered, Ai Panel ™ & Ai Panel.Gloss ™ has excellent cold machinability, workability, corrosion resistance, fire resistance and low density, ideal for architecture, shopfitting, signage and other general sheet metal work non-loadbearing applications.

Architects, builders, installers, shopfitters and signage providers are requested to use the following information and independently ascertain material suitability for their requirement.


Typical Ai Panel Compositions

5052 Solid Aluminium Alloy Chemical Compositions 

Mechanical Properties


Physical Properties


Combustibility Test Results – based on NCC Provisions


Notes On Workability 


Panel Weight  


Linear Thermal Expansion