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SAS “AI PANEL™” Warranty

Distributor Information: SAS Supplier Group PTY LTD (ABN No. 27 610 286 729)

Head Office: 39-41 Overseas Drive, Noble Park VIC 3174.

Decorative solid aluminium panel suitability and service life is limited by the combined effect of its material compositions, workmanship, applications and usages.

This product warranty applies to the range of aluminium panel termed “Ai PANEL™” (hereunder referred to as “Product”) imported and distributed by SAS Supplier Group PTY LTD ABN 27 610 286 729 (hereunder referred to as “SAS”), and supersedes all previous warranty documents issued by SAS for Products supplied or sold from 1st October 2021.

Warranty Conditions

1. The Product Warranty applies only to the Original Purchaser (hereunder referred to as “Purchaser”). The rights thus arose are not transferrable or assignable to any third party. SAS makes no additional warranty in relation to the Product other than as contained in these Terms & Conditions.

2. All claims of any nature must be accompanied by particulars of the claim and by the relevant invoice and delivery details.

3. If the Purchaser fails to inspect the goods within 7 days after delivery, SAS at its sole discretion can reject any claim arising as nul and void.

4. In making a claim, the Purchaser must hold, on SAS instructions, the Products claimed to be defective for a reasonable period. SAS reserves the right to inspection on-site, or having the Products claimed to be defective returned, or whichever way SAS deems necessary to ascertain the claim or qualification of the claim. Products claimed to be defective must not be returned except with the consent of SAS. Transportation costs of returned Product, when applicable, are to be borne by the party returning the Product claimed to be defective.

5. SAS provides warranty to the Purchaser against material and workmanship defects on the Product colour and panel for the period covered below, on the condition of normal, reasonable usage and correct applications, and to the extent that the product properties are unaffected by Purchaser’s further conversion, addition, subtraction or processing of the Product. The warranty does not cover Purchaser’s use or work, on or of the Product, and the effects of it. Any unauthorised use or work, on or of the Product, outside of what is deemed normal or reasonable may void the warranty. By way of example, the warranty is void if the Product is damaged by:

a. Normal wear and tear;

b. Abnormal use;

c. Accident;

d. Misuse, abuse, neglect including failure to properly maintain or service;

e. Use in environment lacking of ventilation;

f. Incomplete or improper installation;

g. Improper handling, processing and storage;

h. Improper maintenance, abrasion, scuffing, scratching, burning, cutting and stains;

i. Lack of regular cleaning and service;

j. Failure to follow instructions for storage, use, transportation and installation;

k. Failure to follow recommended procedures in Product guides and manuals;

l. Failure to follow SAS’s instructions for use, care and maintenance;

m. Failure to remove and clean any sharp, metallic or similar residues during installation;

n. Exposure to high temperature or corrosive or aggressive environmental conditions, such as airborne fallout, smoke, fire, salt, sand, stone, hail windstorm, dust storm, lightning, flood or other external weather events, and acts outside SAS control;

o. Exposure to chemical products, solvents or inappropriate cleaning of Products.

6. In no circumstances whatsoever shall SAS be liable for loss, injury, cost or damage, including direct, indirect, special, consequential or incidental or otherwise, and whether or not arising from a negligent act or omission of SAS, suffered by the Purchaser and/or any third party.


Warranty Period

Ai Panel™ (PVDF MATTE) : Up to 20 years Indoor & Outdoor 

Ai Panel.Gloss™ (FEVE GLOSS) : Up to 10 years Indoor & Up to 5 years Outdoor

Ai Panel.Arc™ (TEXTURED VINYL) : Up to 5 years Indoor Only